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Excellent precipitation has created potential record horn growth at 4D Ranch this year

The deer look better than ever this year. It would appear that our trophy deer that are maturing have had sometimes 20 inches of horn growth this year. I have never seen anything like it. When you combine that with what we saw last year it is really impressive. The brush is fantastic and the ranch is beautiful. Remember we do not feed protein like most ranches do because of the excellent brush and precipitation we have. We do supplement a little cattle mineral and some cotton seed but only to increase their brush consumption and add a little fat and protein. This recipe really seems to be the ticket for us. We still have some openings but they are filling up fast. There are no dmp pens or tagged penned deer on our ranch so consider that when you make your decision, we are fair chase on our 2000 plus acres and guided by hunters with years of experience and hundreds of traditional archery harvests under our belts in addition to compound equipment and rifle. Here are a few pics of some of our up and coming deer we have caught driving around so far. Come see us for the hunt of a lifetime!

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