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Winding down at 4D, what a great year!

The season is almost over but it has been eventful. We had an incredible rut killing 4 bucks rattled into the bow over 5 days, just unheard of in knowledgeable circles. Three to the long bow and one to one of our compound hunters Kellen who had a fantastic season. We must be learning something with all these years of rattling. We had a 191 killed on the ground at 5 yards with a longbow by Coop! Wow! Ms. Dani Vacek killed a big old 165 with her compound, congrats girl way to persevere. Longtime client Jacob killed his biggest deer to date with his Hoyt, nice mid 150s buck. The boys from Michigan, Bob and Marty killed a 195 and 187 with their crossbows, way to go gentleman. Josiah was a dead eye as always with he and his dad Chip being long time hunters here at the 4D. What follows is a random look at our season. One last thank you to my guides, Clint, Cooper, Landon and Dan ya'll did a helluva job and to my 2 trackers Koda and Tika way to go bitches! Haha they are the best 2 tracking dogs in South Texas love you girls! Now its burning and managing the brush and then food plots. Luckily god has blessed us with an abundance of rain. See ya'll next season!

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