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Turkey Hunt

4D Ranch and 4D Outfitters offers Turkey hunts as available. We typically have many wild turkeys roaming the ranch, and getting an opportunity is highly probable. 

Turkey hunts will be $1200 for a 3 day hunt at the 4D Ranch. Additional gobbler $250.00 may be added if desired. Ranch management will stay in contact via phone/walkie talkie, and will meet you early in the morning at the ranch gate to let you into the ranch. The best way to approach is to come in the afternoon the first day and find the birds on the roost that evening to set up for the next am. Please feel free to bring your own decoy's, pop up, turkey calls, hunting buggy etc...

You are welcome to hangout at the ranch during the daytime. Meals will be the hunter(s) responsibility, as well as finding lodging. We highly recommend the Best Western Hotel in the nearby town of Goliad, TX. 

Please take the time to read the ranch rules for hunters which can be found by clicking on the "Ranch Rules" button below.

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