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Trophy Whitetail Hunt

We offer a few trophies every year depending on what the ranch requires to maintain the herd. We only shoot mature deer and the guide has the final say on opportunity to harvest an animal. Trophy hunts will be 2-3 days typically a total of 4-5 hunts over a 3 day period.









We expect you to have multiple opportunities during your hunt but hunting is never a sure thing. We only harvest mature deer at 4D Outfitters. Your guide will determine maturity prior to any harvest and help assess the deer during your hunt. We consider a mature buck as 6 ½ years and older. We want our hunters to be successful and we work hard to make that happen. We will try to give you an idea of what a potential  trophy may score  but the green score on the ground will determine trophy fees. Any animal that is wounded will be considered harvested and related fees will apply. The hunt may continue at ranch managements decision but trophy fees will apply when wounded and again at harvest if the hunt continues. If you have been unable to kill a trophy and there has been no opportunity the hunt can be extended as long as logistics are possible at the ranch to do so. Extensions are made on a case by case basis. It would be rare to not have multiple opportunities.


The below table outlines the trophy fee schedule:


Score of Trophy
Base Hunt: 150 - 160 B&C
161+ B&C up to 199 B&C
$5,000 Base + $100/in over 160 B&C
200+ B&C
$9,000 Base + $200/in over 200 B&C

The scoring measurements by ranch management will be final. This will be done by B&C criteria, using a green score. 

Please take the time to read the ranch rules for hunters which can be found by clicking on the "Ranch Rules" button below.

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