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Cull Whitetail Hunt

4D Ranch is proud to offer our most affordable hunt, the Cull Whitetail Hunt. With the Cull Whitetail Hunt you will have the opportunity to harvest the following for $2,500:

  • One Whitetail Buck scoring 130 B&C or less

  • One Doe

  • One Hog (as available)


This will be a two or three day hunt which will include four

hunts in total. You may stay at the lodge during the day

hours in between the morning and evening hunt, and lunch

will be provided during the intermission between morning

and evening hunts.


You will meet your guide each morning before daylight at the

ranch gate early enough to make it to the blind for the morning

hunt. After the morning hunt you are welcome to return to the

lodge for a mid day lunch. You and your guide will return to the

field for the evening hunt in the late afternoon.

Hunters will be expected to make their own lodging accommodations to stay the night in between the hunts. We recommend staying in the nearby town of Goliad, TX. We recommend making reservations at the Best Western hotel there in Goliad. Please take the time to read the ranch rules for hunters which can be found by clicking on the "Ranch Rules" button below.

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