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Welcome to 4D Ranch and 4D Outfitters South Texas Trophy Whitetail Hunts

 4 D Ranch in Goliad County is the Dorrell Family ranch. It consists of over 2000 acres of the most beautiful country that Goliad County and South Texas have to offer.  The ranch consists of extensive water assets, enormous live oak trees and rolling hills with lakes and drainages that hold water year around. There is excellent South Texas brush varieties and along with better precipitation than typical South Texas ranches it allows the rare horn growth seen on the ranch. The deer herd is native, entirely born on the ranch and is one of the best in Texas. There are no pen raised deer on the ranch. 4D Ranch and the guides at 4D Outfitters provide the absolute best trophy whitetail hunts in Texas.


The ranch has a great wildlife population. There are red stag, blackbuck, hogs, javelina, coyotes, bobcats, and the occasional mountain lion that call the ranch home. We have dove, quail, ducks, sandhill cranes and numerous raptors, birds and all sorts of small mammals that reside on the ranch. 4D Outfitters offers outstanding hunting for South Texas trophy whitetail and other species.


Non-hunting activities include biking, hiking, game drives and traveling to visit historic Goliad Texas.  You might just want to relax in the beautiful lodge or read a book and listen to music out by the lake next to the lodge.

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